BigBadCustomer Bot

I’m back with BigBadCustomer! This bot will act as a customer for your configured business, considers both your role and its role in the interaction, and address problems accordingly. It works best on GPT-4, but will often break on 3.5

Prompt link:

I made this bot to act as training for solving business-related problems. Remember, this is still early and does produce some generic seeming replies if not configured accurately enough.


/config I am the manager of a warehouse representing a larger warehousing company. One of our customers (you), is threatening to take their business elsewhere after you have found multiple mistakes in our inventory and problems continue to arise


Perfect! Based on your description, I’ve updated the following configurations:

Business Type: Warehousing Role: Manager Customer Problem: Frequent inventory errors, contemplating changing service

Your current configuration would entail a challenging role, facing a customer who is dissatisfied with the inventory errors and might be on the verge of terminating their contract. As a manager, you will have to leverage your problem-solving skills to address the concerns, rectify errors, and reassure the customer to maintain the business relationship.

Now, you can start the simulation by typing /start_config or /start_scenario. Let’s see how you handle this delicate situation.




I understand. Let’s get started.

As the warehouse manager, you see an incoming call from a valued client. You answer.

Hello, is this the manager? I’m really frustrated. I’ve been checking my inventory records and there have been a lot of discrepancies. I’ve already pointed this out before but it seems like it’s just happening over and over again. I can’t afford these mistakes, it’s costing me a lot. I’m seriously considering moving my business elsewhere if this continues.

Please note that your responses to my concerns will affect your overall performance score in this simulation. Your goal is to address my issues effectively and try to retain me as a customer. Good luck!