Buyer Persona Creator based on site URL

Hey all!,

Looking to do some REALLY nifty stuff with AIPRM in terms of prompt commands. This is my first stab at one, nothing too crazy/special and I’m looking to make a 2.0 here soon. For now though, this is a persona creator that’s based off the URL you give it. Reason being: As GPT can only recognize companies that were in place pre-2021, and even in 2021 that data is going to be sketchy.

Now, you simply paste in the URL of the page (About Us pages work best), and then the number of Personas that you would like to create. You can always add additional prompts afterwards to refine the results, but in general you’ll be 95% of the way towards ideal buyer personas.


I used this to see what type of client I was selling to. I am a dental sales representative so I used the url for one of my clients. What I discovered was that the prompt detailed the type of patients the website was marketing to. This prompt could help business owner see who they are marketing to. Great work. I thought it would tell me what kind of persona the business owner is based on what they wrote about themselves in the about us page.

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Hi Ed. The big clue of exactly what it is meant to do is the very specific reference to Buyer Personas right there in the title of the prompt.