Can I cancel my GPT Plus plan?

I’m looking to purchase the Elite plan and want to know if I cancel my ChatGPT plus sub with Open AI will that matter to the benefits I’d get with Elite? Meaning that I would still get all the plus benefits even though I won’t be paying OpenAI anymore?

No. AIPRM and OpenAI are two completely different companies.

ChatGPT Plus subscription with OpenAI gives you more access to ChatGPT, such as better odds of connecting when there is contention from high usage, and access to alternate GPT models than the default. No other company than OpenAI can offer these things.

AIPRM is a different company, and the Premium Plans all offer additional features and functions, according to the level of plan selected. It does not include an OpenAI subscription, and no OpenAI subscription will also offer the added features and functions of AIPRM.

Ideally you would certainly want to have the OpenAI Plus plan subscription so that you have access to the other GPT models (GPT4, GPT with browsing, etc) in addition to an AIPRM Pro Plan or higher, so that you have all the features of AIPRM with all the access of OpenAI.

With Open AI’s sub I get access to URLs, but it’s promoted as a benefit of Elite or above only. Does this mean if I buy premium I won’t have access to URLs even if I pay for GPT Plus?

One of the GPT models from OpenAI that subscribers get access to has a built in browsing capability. OpenAI also provide some plugins now that may allow accessing some URLs. Those are different in how they work to AIPRM’s Live Crawling feature, even though they all get to the same outcome of ChatGPT being able to access data from a specified URL.