Can I public my prompt after promote it in the community?

Can I public my prompt after promoting it in the AIPRM community, or I’m missing something?

I think you are missing that you may need to have the prompt in AIPRM for ChatGPT first,
then publish it here.

I mean that it’s not mandatory to have the prompt in the community first.

Since you already published some here, then YES.

If I publicize my promoted prompt in the AIPRM community, I’ll get upvotes/downvotes, views and uses, right? Will it count in the competition or will I be ineligible for it? I’m asking this because I’m facing issues understanding some of the rules and guidelines.

No, the upvotes/downvotes should be in AIPRM for ChatGPT not in forum.

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A prompt must be a public prompt in order for people to see it, use it, and vote for it. If it were private, they couldn’t do any of those things, right?

A prompt must be announced as an entry to the competition in the community forum in order for anyone on staff to know you mean it to be considered for the competition (marked with the tag “competition_1”).

These are simply the functional necessities, and should be instantly understandable as such.