Can not connect AIPRM in open ai

I’ve spent the last two days attempting to add an open AI account to AIPRM. It is simply loading but not connecting to my account. I have a paid subscription to both Chat GPT and AIPRM. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Are there any error messages, or is it just acting like it is about to connect but never completing, even if you walk away for 5 minutes?

Have you ruled out the possibility of a conflict with other extensions by disabling them before trying?

I have the same issue, it seems as though its connecting, but then just opens a new chatgpt window with the “connect aiprm” prompt, and continues to do so.

  1. open chatgpt and recieve prompt to connect. Click Continue
  2. land on and it says successful. Click either “switch to your GPT tab” link, or blue “Start working in ChatGPT” button
  3. Repeat step one… loop through these steps infinitely.

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That sounds like you have AIPRM and ChatGPT using different email accounts, so that as soon as you login to OpenAI you’re on the wrong account to remain connected to ChatGPT.

Try: for more information.

If that doesn’t work, email to reach support, and provide them with all the relevant details and screenshots you think they might find helpful to quickly resolve the issue.