Can you give us a list of AIPRM Verified Prompts prior to buying?

Could you kindly provide us with a list of AIPRM Premium ChatGPT prompts and categories prior to our subscription?

We don’t publish that list, it’s part of the AIPRM PRO Plan.
…and it’s updated daily, too.

You’re paying AIPRM Verified Prompts for the service of taking care of that list,
not for an “extract” or something static.

You’re paying for my personal headaches of cleaning out all the spam and low-quality junk in the Community Prompts.

Want that result of our hard work? Buy an AIPRM PRO plan.

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How many Verified Prompts do you have in there so far?
Are these just hand-picked from the community or custom-made (or both)?
Any plans to be adding more VPs, or is it just a fixed number you want to maintain or give access to?

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It would be professional to offer at least a single example comparing an ‘unchecked’ prompt and a ‘checked’ prompt, so it looks like you want to force everyone to pay at least $24 just to see what it is.

Thanks for your opinion on what you deem professional.

so it looks like you want to force everyone to pay

Nobody is forced you to do or buy anything.

Lots of power for you for free, still.

Can you explain why you cannot show a single verified prompt?

No, do I have to?

We’ve explained our policy and product structure sufficently.

Just because you have a different opinion of simply “not like it” doesn’t require me to explain any of our decisions further. Honestly, if you’re so turned off by our additional offers then just don’t buy then. No hard feelings.

You are allowed to continue use all our free offerings and services still, there’s plenty and nothing to complain about I think.

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Ok, I’m going to answer my own questions…
I subscribed to the AIPRM Pro just to have a look.
There are 54 Verified Prompts so far. What is strange, the same prompts can be found in the Public view for free anyway - so I’m not sure why this is a “pro feature”.

And looking through the features, I must agree - the Pro tier is tailored for users who build custom prompts and require personalisation. The Plus seems more than enough for most, and the “Most Popular” label on the pricing page should probably jump one column to the left :wink:


Personally I agree with you on the $5 probably really being the “Most Popular”, because almost all complaints so far have been specifically about the $20 price (so the most unpopular? :smiley: ). However, I think it is a personal taste thing, and AIPRM are just as entitled to their opinion as we are to ours. We vote where it really counts - with our wallets - in what we each decide is the right option for our own specific use-cases and situations.

The reason for the Verified Prompts thing being a pro feature is simply the extra investment of time in carefully screening, pre-selecting, and taking on an ongoing commitment to ensuring that, whatever changes with ChatGPT, priority will be given, by AIPRM staff if necessary, to ensuring those selected prompts get updated and are kept reliable.

They are the same prompts, but the work on verification, on testing and ensuring they are the best, and fully functional, is certainly an additional expense of manpower, not just to maintain those already selected, but in constantly looking for the best of all future prompts released by over 600,000 users (and growing).

Obviously, AIPRM don’t want to take away the best of prompts from free users, so instead, letting everyone have access to all public prompts, but only through being a higher level user (Pro Plan) do you get updated on exactly which prompts have made the list and have that extra level of scrutiny, quality control, and above all, reliability for the future. To me, as a non-employee, I can see both fairness and logic in that decision. Obviously, if people were to be leaking the list, undermining the solution, either another way of funding having some ‘verified’ level of extra reliability would have to be found, and probably it wouldn’t be as simple and elegant. Nobody really wants good prompts made premium access only.

You’re using ChatGPT to craft those responses, don’t you Ammon … :wink:

Ok, here is mine:

I disagree with the notion that premium features should also be available to the public, as it diminishes the value of the premium subscription. Premium users pay for exclusive features, such as carefully screened and verified prompts. If these features are freely accessible to everyone, it undermines the investment made by premium subscribers and creates confusion around the distinction between free and premium services.
A clear differentiation between the two tiers is essential to ensure that premium users feel they are receiving value for their investment (not to mention the platform’s sustainability).

Additionally, suppose each premium prompt can be accessed by the public using a shortcut and search combination, and since 99% of verified prompts are already signed by ‘AIPRM’, this makes it too easy and further undermines the value of the premium subscription.

But I must be missing something here, right? What am I missing?

Ah but you are thinking of the product instead of the service, @Woocash

The same product can come at a higher price when a service is added to its presentation - like someone turning raw ingredients into food, or charging to read and create a summarized report of documents, etc.

The prompt itself is the product. The act of going through all prompts, choosing the best, committing to regularly reviewing them, and presenting the report on which ones met that standard, is the service you pay for.

That may well not be a service you need or want to pay for, but for some, that is a HUGE value add.
I expect the value to grow further and further as the volume of similar-ish prompts accumulate. Knowing which one is the best (according to AIPRM experienced staff), at a glance, is valuable. Especially if the alternative is to painstakingly spend hours trying several out.

Great points as always and thanks for explaining what expert prompt consulting work is worth, to many at least.

It’s maybe too early to judge, but looking at sales data from the past 24 hours the AIPRM PRO Plan is in fact the most popular plan, at $20.

Customers decide with their wallets, not their forum posts.
Maybe a lot of them also realized that PRICES MAY GO EVEN UP APRIL 17?

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The “service” isn’t what the sales page assumes. It assumes features.

And the FAQ brings even more confusion.

  • "What are AIPRM Verified Prompts?
  • AIPRM Verified Prompts are prompts that the AIPRM team has verified, and maintains actively. These are prompt templates that have been engineered and tested with our team, in close collaboration with the Prompt Template Authors.
  • AIPRM Verified Prompts do not contain ad links or other solicitations in output.
  • AIPRM Verified Prompts are tested with multiple inputs and styles, guaranteed to work by AIPRM, and actively maintained. Unlike Community Prompts, where the Prompt Template author may not have put in enough experience and time, these are “production-level” Prompt templates."

And then a comparison pricing table with Free/Basic/Plus NOT having “AIPRM Verified Prompts”.

I understand from reading the sales page that I’m not getting Verified Prompts when on lower tiers - which isn’t the case. I can access them for free just using Search and cherry-picking the ones signed by ‘AIPRM’.

Also, what prevents anyone from subscribing for a month, taking a snapshot of the Verified list and then unsubscribing?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and will not be rebilled and will not get any updates (and not have access) to the AIPRM Verified Prompts feature anymore. No hard feelings.

taking a snapshot of the Verified list

What should that even be/mean? As mentioned it’s not static, and it’s not only “AIPRM” as you seem to believe.

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Okay, I get where you’re still confused. You’re still putting your emphasis on the word ‘Prompts’ instead of on the word ‘Verified’. Now think of ‘Verified’ as a daily activity (in reality it is ongoing minute to minute, hour to hour). What’s to stop you buying a Newspaper today, and reading it again tomorrow instead of buying tomorrow’s? Nothing. But it won’t have the actual latest news anymore, will it, which was the entire point.

Any prompt that is verified today, or that changes status the other way (no longer verified, perhaps because an even better version came along) won’t be in yesterday’s list. It will still be a prompt, it will probably still work, but you won’t know whether or not it is, today, a prompt that has that extra level of scrutiny and quality control.

So, when you ask “what is to stop you…”, my only realistic answer is “Hopefully, common sense, right?” :smiley:

You can cancel your subscription at any time and will not be rebilled and will not get any updates (and not have access) to the AIPRM Verified Prompts feature anymore. No hard feelings.

Christoph, no need to get defensive - I spend thousands per year for tools. I don’t have any problem paying you $20, $100, $1000 or more per month for features and services if they return value to my business.
However, right now, you’re charging me $20/m for “the AIPRM Verified Prompts” that you just called a “feature” - contrary to your moderator calling it a “service” - that everyone can get access to for free anyway.
My problem is that you guys are just not very clear with your pricing tiers, and I… think you know it :wink:
And don’t get me wrong; the pricing ladder should be a work in progress because pricing strategy is THE hardest part of a business (rather than “going from free to $1”, which is very easy, tbh…).

What should that even be/mean? As mentioned it’s not static, and it’s not only “AIPRM” as you seem to believe.
Ok, 65% of prompts are signed AIPRM and is the other 24%…

Also, good to know the list is not “static”, which answers my original question:
“Any plans to be adding more VPs, or is it just a fixed number you want to maintain or give access to?”

Rather than chasing a troll, you could’ve cleared that up with me first and updated your sales page with something more specific for others - like what Ammon just explained.

I also see value in updating your sales page with how many times verified prompts update daily- on average - it may make the “Pro” tier even more popular…


With respect, I am describing it as a service, but service can be a feature. There’s a distinction between a product and a service, but either of them can be major or minor features of an offer.

Be careful not to make personal statements that can’t be absolutely backed up. I find the pricing tiers very clear indeed, and all of my explanations have been drawn exactly and solely from reading the page carefully, and from my general experience with the web. I’m not a staff member, had no ‘special access’ to anything that others did not, other than my general level of experience with a wide range of businesses online.

The page alone, and taking the time to read it carefully, is where I have drawn all of my answers.

Be careful not to make personal statements that can’t be absolutely backed up.

What do you mean by “be careful not to make personal statements”? - that is my personal experience with that sales page that I read before purchasing, and I’m sharing that opinion with you. And I had to scratch out the details of what I’ve actually bought from a lengthy back-and-forth on a forum.
At least admit that you had me working for it :wink:

Your experience tells you that YOU didn’t find things very clear (an opinion, or perspective), which is a very different thing to the assertion that it is not clear (a statement, as of fact)… While in counterpoint I showed you how clear I found it - that all of my answers on the pricing has come from that page, and my general experience, nothing more.

[added] I will however concede that my ability to quickly read, digest, and make deductions or get insights might not be typical, and might be why people value my consulting, of course. I may not be an entirely ‘average’ reader or user.