Can you give us a list of AIPRM Verified Prompts prior to buying?

Be careful not to make personal statements that can’t be absolutely backed up.

What do you mean by “be careful not to make personal statements”? - that is my personal experience with that sales page that I read before purchasing, and I’m sharing that opinion with you. And I had to scratch out the details of what I’ve actually bought from a lengthy back-and-forth on a forum.
At least admit that you had me working for it :wink:

Your experience tells you that YOU didn’t find things very clear (an opinion, or perspective), which is a very different thing to the assertion that it is not clear (a statement, as of fact)… While in counterpoint I showed you how clear I found it - that all of my answers on the pricing has come from that page, and my general experience, nothing more.

[added] I will however concede that my ability to quickly read, digest, and make deductions or get insights might not be typical, and might be why people value my consulting, of course. I may not be an entirely ‘average’ reader or user.

Good to know. I love big spenders.

But who do you call defensive here now?

Rather than chasing a troll, you could’ve cleared that up with me first

Oh, SO SORRY that while launching a service of that scale yesterday I didn’t pay enough attention to you and your ideas and questions, “Woocash”


Your expectations for how much of me you get for $20 are a tad high, to be frank.

Thank you for clarifying what ‘prompt verified’ is; you saved me from paying 24 dollars to find out. Now I have more precise ideas.


Not so precise at all :slight_smile:

Later down in that long thread it turned out that @Woocash was reading it wrong, understanding it wrong but still sticking to his (wrong) ideas.

But you’ve explained in the beginning of the day that you don’t want to buy, and that’s totally fine. If you now have a “good reason”, even more so :wink:

Christoph, I’m not bothered by some $20 - it’s the principle of it, and I like to put my money and time into positive businesses and good vibes.

Looking at your responses here and in other threads, I see an overly stressed-out business owner who just gave birth to a killer set of tools and received an unwelcome backlash for trying to monetise his hard work.
Me, I’m just a (paying) user who wanted to clarify his purchase and got annoyed with pompous, overly convoluted answers.

You got me totally wrong - I love your tools, and they’re worth $20.

“Woocash” is how you pronounce my name in English - I took it cause “Lucas” wasn’t available… and I thought it was funny.

That’s wonderful to hear.

“Woocash” is how you pronounce my name in English


I took it cause “Lucas” wasn’t available… and I thought it was funny.

Nice to e-meet you “Lucas” :slight_smile:

Nice to e-meet you “Lucas” :slight_smile:

:v: :heart:

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If I don’t buy the $24 version, can’t I get the ‘Plus’ version ($8)?
I don’t think you understood what I was asking at all, but in any case, before I get banned by the moderator of this forum, I wish you a good day and a relaxing weekend.

Communicaton is always 2-way :wink:

I understood you believe you have a lot of experience in building web-scale software, when you actually don’t seem to.

I also wish you a good day and a relaxing weekend.

You are as free to buy any, or none, of the plans now as you were at the beginning of the discussion. If the $5 Plus Plan has everything you need then there’s little or no point to paying more. If the Free version has everything you need, same deal. If you need features that are only in the $20 Pro Plan, then there’s not much alternative but to get the $20 package. It was always about what you need, and how much. Nothing changed on the AIPRM side.

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Here is a quick summary of how AIPRM Verified Promtps will help users.


So the AIPRM verified prompts list is much more concise? Currently there are 2114 prompts listed in Plus.

The answers are out there. Or more specifically, up there, in the thread above this comment.

54 (at time of posting) is definitely less than 2,000+ so I think it would be pretty fair to say it was more concise.

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The engineers who developed aiprm did not show us anything about how a so-called AIPRM hint is generated and how its supposedly powerful performance is guaranteed. What a disappointment. I don’t think there is a need to purchase a prompter creation, a good prompter must not be the same, every scene that needs a prompter is different, so the prompter must be different for each scene. As this one said in his reply, I just spent $50 to satisfy my curiosity and had no incentive to renew after that.

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You need to understand that…

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money flow tells the future.

Thank you!! a lot. That is my question before I go to the pro plan. SO it does not make sense for most people. What are the prompts? Write, code, research…

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They are not new prompts, They are the same public prompts but filtered.


You guys are a bunch of pricks and I LOVE IT. LOL you Europeans don’t mince words.