Can you tell me how many words there are?

I am trying to work for a client’s website based on the clothing manufacturing sector, and my clients gave me a reference site: I tried a lot to find out how many words this site has and how to copy it. I am a new developer. Can you help me, please?

This is going to depend a little on whether you are only writing copy, and thus only concerned with the visible words in the copy of the pages, or whether you are a developer also working on the navigation menus, sidebar texts, or even code, in your counting.

To count the words in the copy, just copy and paste the content into a Word document and have it count the words for you.

ChatGPT isn’t a tool for this sort of task as it does NOT access the internet to view any site or page. If the page wasn’t in its corpus of training data, then it can’t know of it, though the way it predicts based on a prompt may make it try to predict what it thinks a URL might have on it.

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i try it but it’s can’t copy why i don’t know can you seggest please?