Cancel AIPRM Pro Plan

I canceled My AIPRM Pro Plan but you guys have made several attempts to debit Me again. In my dashboard, it is showing plan is canceled but I am still receiving a debit attempt alert. Please how how do I resolve this?

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I canceled my subscription 2 months ago, but I have already been charged 2 payments, one of which was withdrawn yesterday August 23.

I wrote to the support service, but they reply in a vague manner.

aiprm behave like scammers, debiting money after the user canceled the subscription after two months.

Give me back my money that you charged my card twice already, after canceling the subscription after two months!

I’m sorry to hear about the confusion with your subscription cancellation. It’s important to note that when a subscription is cancelled, it remains active until the end of the current billing period. This means that the subscription must be cancelled before the next billing cycle begins to avoid further charges. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.

I cancelled in late September, early October before my next billing 10/18/2023. The screen message indicated that my plan was cancelled.

Card was charged again for another $20 October 18 and when I went back into the account login, it says that my subscription is active again - but I didn’t reactivate it! Apparently they did. This would be classified as fraud and now I’m taking the stets toward action by collecting screen shots and everythign I can to prove they’re scammers.

One of the things I also noticed is that they don’t send a confirmation email out that you cancelled your service, nor do they send one when your subscription is active to notify you of your invoicing and subsequent charge. That says a lot about the practices and how they’re operating below board.

My suggestion to everyone is to document everything when it comes to unsubscribing so that you have some form of record that you’re intentions are to stop paying for service that you don’t want nor desire to use any longer.

Call your bank and have your screen shots ready to present for the dispute so that AIPRM receives the chargeback they deserve. They don’t deserve to be in business and in my view are more crroks than anything. I never found their templates or prompts to be of any great use or value.

I am certain that as this company continues to practice in this way, that a list of harmed customers will continue to grow and that eventually there will be a class action lawsuit filed against them for such practices.

The cancellation of subscriptions must be done through our dedicated billing portal. Once a subscription is canceled, it remains active until the end of the current billing cycle, after which, no further invoice or payment shall be charged to the user.

The only way to reactivate a canceled subscription is by resubscribing to any of the available plans at The process involves several deliberate steps, including choosing a plan, checking out, entering payment details, and confirming acceptance of AIPRM billing terms.

Were you able to raise this to our Customer Support Team? If you haven’t already, please send us an email at using the email address that is linked to your AIPRM account so we can investigate this issue.

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