Chapters become shorter and shorter

Hi all, I would like to have a book written with GPT4 using the AIPRM prompt ( Write a Complete Book in One Click ) . It st very funny. chatGPT writes 1000 words in chapter 1, then suddenly other chapters have only 75 words or 158 words. The whole book has then only 12 pages. No one buys a book with only 12 pages. Or am I wrong there ? Can someone help me there.

I think it is better to let chatGPT create the chapters one by one.
Can someone help me there ?
That would be very nice

Would be really nice of you ! Thanks a lot and all the best ! Greetings Michael

There’s at least a half-dozen earlier discussions of the failings any of these kinds of prompts are certain to have, and I’ve explained in detail several times why it simply isn’t something ChatGPT was ever meant to do, enabled to do, etc.

ChatGPT is a specific chat application of the GPT LLM AI. They took GPT and put it into an app specifically built and designed to be just a chatbot, with extra limitations on it. There’s a pretty obvious reason why it wasn’t called ArticleGPT or ResearchGPT or BookGPT - it wasn’t built to do any of those things well.

Hello Ammon
thank you, you have explained this very well.
Now I know more.

All the best
Greetings Michael

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