ChatGPT 4.0 chokes on a math problem ~ can anyone help!

I have a test I am taking and trying to use ChatGPT to solve it but it keeps getting it wrong. I have even upgraded to the paid version and using 4.0 Was wondering if there was a specific way that I need to propomt GPT when submitting this type of question?

Use the appropriate compound interest formula to compute the balance in the account after the stated period of time.

$24,000 is invested for 3 years with an APR of 5.3% and daily compounding.

The balance in the account after 3 years is:


One thing that helps massively is providing it with a correct example of the working and solution to a similar problem. AIs are all based on pattern matching, so showing it a clear example of the pattern really helps.

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Thank you Ammon. Can you please tell me how I would prompt GPT with a working solution and then would my new question be included in that same prompt?

As I understand this particular issue, various different online calculators, tools, and spreadsheets can all vary slightly in their results to this particular kind of problem, based on what formula they use, and how they calculate.

However, I know this only as a marketer who has promoted various tools and financial services quite a lot over the years, not as a financial wiz who’d feel competent to tell you which method is best and why.

Thus I can’t competently spell out a concrete example for this particular problem. The gist however is to make your prompt like a school textbook, where it gives an example with all the working out, then asks the question it wants solved in the same way. OpenAI have actively advocated this exact kind of prompting to increase accuracy.

Create one example that does the math step by step to include in your prompt. The efficiency comes in that you only need to create that one example ‘the hard way’ and can change the actual question that follows it as often as you like reusing the same example.

This is a really good example for such a use case:

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