ChatGPT automatically adds additional information to my prompt

ChatGPT is automatically adding additional information to my prompt. It’s a prompt I asked long ago, “What’s happening in Ukraine?” but it remains. I changed my username, cleared cache.

For example, if I ask: are there other sources?
I get a response as if the prompt was, “are there other sources?whats happening in ukraine now”

can’t get rid “whats happening in ukraine now”

This sounds like a caching issue, and since this community isn’t filled with hundreds of similar cases, yet you all have AIPRM and ChatGPT in common, it probably isn’t either of those, or at least, not without some other extension or browser plugin causing a conflict.

My suspicion is that you may have some kind of auto-fill for forms extension, perhaps a password manager, and at some time when you did the “What’s happening in Ukraine” prompt it mistakenly thought that was a password in a password field and saved it and reuses it. It may not be that, and could be some other extension, but that’s my very first suspicion.

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According to reports, information after 2021 does not have any new information after it.
Just before it, so he said we’d have a lack of answers and not enough.
I wish I answered your question in my understanding.