ChatGPT does not work (no details given)

So tired of receiving emails from AIPRM on how great Chat GPT is and how I should be enjoying it. Have emailed back 3 times that ChatGPT does not work PERIOD!! ANd That ChatGPT has no real support. I will wait for BARD

ChatGPT is currently performing better than Bard in most common usage. Bard is a more cautious and limited implementation of AI right now.

Bard has a tendency to longer, more rounded outputs, and tends to stress the maybes and limitations much more, which is good for safety, and for researching what the next generation of AI will be asked to do, but it also tends to misunderstand prompts that ChatGPT with GPT4 easily gets right. For just one example of many:

Bard, with the exact same prompt failed, and more than that, it also failed to understand correction -

All of the AIs will improve, but don’t make the mistake of dismissing what is currently the better performing and more functional AI.

Google’s real contender to ChatGPT won’t be the hastily released Bard that they created in weeks, using scraps they had already lying around, as a knee-jerk defensive response to the planned surprise production of years that was ChatGPT. It will be the AI that DeepMind are working on now that will have to be trained, tested, and worked on for at least a year.

ChatGPT is being used by literally millions. That’s a long long, long way from not working.

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Let me add, you would wait forever for “better results”.

“If ChatGPT sucks, then your prompt sucks”.

Instead of a trivial expression of inconvenience it would be helpful to know

  • what you tried
  • which prompts you used
  • what your results were
  • what you want different

Not even support costing $10000/month could help you otherwise, let alone “free” support.