ChatGPT history is back!

ChatGPT history is back!

Everyone jump in and worship a full ChatGPT product.

Use it while you can! :sweat_smile:

This the 2nd time they had security issues with the Chat History.

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This is one of the issues with Open-source. While the majority of people contributing to projects have good intentions, none of them are trained to spot those who are not. All those years ago with the infamous Snowden leaks, he showed that security agencies were deliberately infiltrating open-source projects relating to any kind of secrecy or security to secretly install backdoors that the spy agency could later use to snoop.

If anyone uses open-source code, they absolutely need to verify that any such backdoors have been caught and removed, and should assume that it might have been installed into any project, but especially the kind of code someone building a mass-access system might use.