ChatGPT is no longer saving new chats, why?

Why doesn’t ChatGPT no longer automatically save a chat? When I type into a prompt or ask chatGPT to write something for me it would automatically save the chat and I can move onto a new one. It is no longer doing that. Anyone have the same experience after installing the new aiprm premium?


I have exactly the same problem.

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I decided to just uninstall this crap. I liked the older version but this new version doesn’t work well at all and to boot they want you to pay for it… 5555555555555555

I love this kind of logic. It’s literally the best comedy show you can stream online.

“Imma got so upset I’m gonna stop using this thing I never paid for and was never gonna!” really isn’t worthy of an announcement.

I’m sure we’ll all really, really miss your utter non-contribution to the tool, to the business, and to this community.

You know, if you send AIPRM customer support a video of you running a marathon wearing an “I’m not a complete idiot (I have pieces missing)” sign, I think they might even refund every penny of the ‘absolutely nothing’ you have ever paid or been worth.

Don’t forget @Ammon we at AIPRM working around the clock for free was “supposed to be free” and what not. :wink:

But on a serious note, as I wrote in today’ Email Update:

But first the bad news so that’s out of the way

ChatGPT by OpenAI is still seriously broken, the Chat History is missing, and everyone and their dog blame it on AIPRM.

There are a lot of OpenAI / ChatGPT problems these days unrelated to AIPRM or AIPRM Premium.

So, before posting any claim about “AIPRM causing issues to ChatGPT.”


in our forum or support, please be a Helpful and Smart person, and check by yourself if it really is AIPRM that’s causing an issue … by trying to disable/enable AIPRM using this useful extension (suggested by @Pat_Vojtaskovic), and TEST.

If the issue persists while AIPRM’s disabled, then you can still complain about ChatGPT
but we cannot change anything about it, unfortunately.

AIPRM is not able to fix a broken ChatGPT.

It sucks, and it sucks for everyone. It also sucks for us.
But we cannot help you if OpenAI’s ChatGPT is down or breaking their history.

And then there’s all the users that have other ChatGTP extensions installed that mess with AIPRM, Superpower, Genie and WebChatGPT are often the reason AIPRM breaks. Uninstall them all.

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