ChatGPT Playground

Since the release of ChatGPT API gpt-3.5-turbo, for those who don’t know, it’s available in the OpenAI Playground, and you can miss with a lot of things + it has a Chat Interface .

I think this is the perfect training room for prompt engineering, and it has less traffic than the original one


@Ammon , can you move this to AIPRM Training ? Because I forgot to pick the category.

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Yup. That’s done for you now.

AIPRM Training is only specific training released for AIPRM products.

that’s why it’s locked for non admins :slight_smile:

This one would below elsewhere… I would rather see this in Prompt Engineering Questions of Prompt Authors

Or maybe a “Other Tools” section @Ammon @RealityMoez ?


I got this…
Yes, I think you can rename the topic to ‘Prompt Engineering’ only, to be more general, my post will fit good into it.

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No, I just came up with the most generic AI Industry, Tools, Updates, News category for that.

The Prompt Engineering Questions of Prompt Authors should be very specific to Prompts and writing them in AIPRM, niche.

The AI Industry, Tools, Updates, News is a super broard/generic - but still JUICY category as described here


Hi - Noob question

I saw this yesterday - The “System” box is where we write the prompt, but what is the purpose of the User/Assistant “message” ?

Also - Does anyone know if it remembers or reads previous prompts in the thread for framing or multi stage prompting?

Thanks in advance

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Not exactly, the “System” box is where we write the instructions/formats we want it to follow.
I don’t know what’s happening for the model behind the scenes, but this what OpenAI Chat guide says:

Yes, it’s like (as far as I know).


Awesome - Thanks RealityMoez - Thanks for taking time out for the detailed response & links - Really appreciated

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The “System” box can be used for “addditional prompt info” but will be counted weaker.

The actual prompt is entered in “User” message

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Is everyone still considering “GPT” the “final boss”?

Ofcourse, NOT.

I see Google is the most capable and competitive in this field (NLP - AI), as it has tons of people’s data.
I just wait the day they release Bard.