ChatGPT Plus vs. AIPRM Premium Upgrade

I have Chat GPT Plus account for $20/m. I added AIPRM to ChatGPT. If I want to upgrade to AIPRM Premium, is it $20/m on top of the $20/m for ChatGPT Plus?


Yes. However, the free version of AIPRM will work just fine with the paid version of ChatGPT and still offer all the features and benefits expected. You don’t need both, unless you need both. Hope that helps set your mind at ease.

Additionally, unless you are one of the rare users with more than 10 private prompts (significantly less than 1 person per 10,000 users), you may find that the 5 Euro ‘AIPRM Plus’ package is more than enough to go with your ChatGPT Plus and turbo-charge your usage. The Pro level is exactly that - for people who make their professional lives more profitable with all those extra features, and for whome 20 Euros isn’t even a notable amount compared to the extra productivity they get in return. An investment rather than a cost.

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Thank you.
The free version of AIPRM does not allow me to change the writing Mode or Style (limited to “emotional” and “poetic”, none of which I need).
ChatGPT Plus allowed me to do so. With AIPRM added, I cannot change the Mode and the Style from Default to anything other than “emotional” and “poetic”.
Does it conflict with ChatGPT or I’m missing something?

Have you actually tried the output with the default writing styles, or created prompts that specify using a different tone/style manually and compared the difference?

A lot of people were imagining that Style and Tone did things that, in all honesty, they never did. ChatGPT is not an AI that has emotions, has ever felt an emotion, or even understands emotions. The most such a prompt does is make it look a bit harder at documents it was trained on that are described by other documents it was trained on as having a certain style or tone. It is NOT sentient, and has no understanding of emotions, or human styles, other than what it discovered in words it was trained on talking about them.

Hi & welcome.

I’m missing something?

ChatGPT Plus allowed me to do so.

No, this was always AIPRM. We gave these features as free teasers for some weeks, and now we charge for them.

With AIPRM added, I cannot change the Mode and the Style from Default to
anything other than “emotional” and “poetic”.

Those options are now part of the AIPRM Premium plans.

To get our feature for Writing Style & Tone as they were before you need the AIPRM Plus plan at $5/mo. If you want to customize those, you need an AIPRM Pro plan at $20/mo.

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