Coming soon: AIPRM Verified Prompts

AIPRM Verified Prompts are prompts that the AIPRM team has verified, and maintains actively.

These are prompt templates that have been engineered and tested with our team, in close collaboration with the Prompt Template Authors.

AIPRM Verified Prompts do not contain ad links or other solicitations in output.

AIPRM Verified Prompts are tested with multiple inputs and styles, guaranteed to work by AIPRM, and actively maintained. Unlike Community Prompts, where the Prompt Template author may not have put in enough experience and time, these are “production-level” Prompt templates.


Great idea. With ChatGPT still being relatively new, and very, very early still in what is to come in AI, we can expect a lot of changes, updates and evolutions, some of which may change how prompts work a lot, and even break some prompts. Keeping up with those changes and maintaining prompts will be an ongoing task, I expect. Something to consider before rushing to get the status folks, is that it means a commitment to maintenance ongoing. :slight_smile:

This is so exciting! I’m going to do my best to edit my One Click Course Creator prompt so it can be verified. :raised_hands:t4:

Here is a quick summary of how AIPRM Verified Promtps will help users.

How can we get our prompt verified?