'Complete missing answer/code' Button

I would be really happy, if you added a “continue/complete missing above code” button, I use it a lot for some long code answer when answer get cut off.

the button title could be “Complete Code”

or “Complete” and the prompt would be “complete your missing answer”.


The existing “Continue” button makes ChatGPT continues writing anyway, it does not take into consideration the continuity of the previous context, It happened multiple times that it started to write in a different topic.
It will do that because the prompt is “Continue writing please”.
But if you prompt “Complete missing answer”, it will search the previous context for a missing answer and complete the answer from where it left off.

@aiprm-christophc , If you understood the request as it’s the existing “Continue” button, here’s the difference.

It’s a whole context that must be analyzed when you request the continue, remember the limit of tokens in “memory”.

If the answer was short and did not exceed, click continue or use one of its alternative functions, but if it was long and exceeded all it could or was broken, analyze where you left off and try to formulate with 1 prompt that re-members the context of your request so that it can understand and finalize the code.

So this is really about different types of “Continue”, right?

A different “way” to say continue, and we plan some features there.

This exists
Called the “Continue” button

You will like this, is coming soon @RealityMoez