Confused about pricing plans

I had AIPRM premium (forgot what I was paying- think it was $20 a month). Today I got a message about uninstall premium and reinstalling something else with another name. With that new name do I still get the features of the premium I had been paying for. I am confused because as I know look at the different plans- plus, pro, elite and titan I see premium is no longer there. Here are specific questions

  1. If I do nothing paying the $20 a month (think that was the number) what plan name will I default to. If I default to whatever that will be called what do I get?
  2. If I buy a monthly plan now (by that I guess I mean upgrade) can I switch to annual at some point.

Suggestion- for each feature you offer (and all the features across all the plans so they are all covered) Iā€™d like a sentence or two explaining that feature. An added idea is when I click on a feature llisted in any plan it explains what that feature is

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The popup suggests you to install the original AIPRM for ChatGPT extension, that was previously used, which is the working/developing one now, as AIPRM Premium extension was like a testing extension for the premium features (not sure).

There's nothing to worry about.