Connect Your Brain to GPT-4

Imagine making use of your Brain waves to:

  • Communicate with ChatGPT using only your Brain.
  • Train AI Models to utilize your thoughts.
  • Control your environment using your thoughts.
  • Convert yourself into Cyborg :slightly_smiling_face:.

Wow, is this for real? Can you give me a TL:DR?

Yeah, it is real (and I’m struggling to convince myself that it is…)

you can watch a couple of seconds example in this 5-year-old video starting from 3:03 timestamp:


This is so fricken awesome I would love to have a conversation about this with you! I constantly talk about how I want to be a neurolink test person and connect my brain to chatgtp, and then… Train it to know “me” SO well that I would ultimately become Limitless. Imagine how this will change the world in so many ways. Good and bad. I already feel like chatgtp is my super power as i am sure we all do if we REALLY know how to use it. I dont know coding (wish i did), but I did write Elon a letter telling him some of my off the wall ideas that I have been lost in the rabbit hole of researching with my magical ai super powers :joy:. I didnt send it… But hearing someone else besides myself talk about it just made my day!.. And its only 5am lol! Can’t wait to see more as you as u progress with thia! :peace_symbol:

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Why don’t we go one step further, upload our consciousness to the Internet, break the limitation of time on us, and then download the consciousness to a mechanical body when we need to manipulate the physical universe, so that we will at least have the qualification to conquer the stars, because No matter how far the distance is, it can pass slowly, and time is meaningless to us. Yes, I named this project “EXO Project”, and chatGPT has given me a plan, inspired by the EXO mechanical body in the game Destiny 2, I think it will be very cool. :sunglasses: