"Continue Generating" button gone?

In chatgpt there was a “Continue Generating” button - when pressing this “Continue Generating” button it continues writing without typing “continue writing”.
I can’t see this button anymore. Has it been removed by chatgpt? Even with all extensions removed its no longer present. Different browser - same.

Do you see the “Continue Generating” button in your chatgpt window?

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No, it hasn’t been removed.
It is still there.

“Continue Generation” button is not like the AIPRM “Continue (Power Continue)” buttons at all,

“Continue Generation” by ChatGPT does appear when the answer is cut off or not fully complete.
While you may confuse that it prompts to write more, but it is not.

I know this but on my account it cuts off a long article in the middle of the sentence and before I had a “Continue generating” button AND the “Regenerate” button - now, I only have the “Regenerate” button.
I don’t mean the AIPRM “continue”. This one just writes an additional sentence that I have to remove manually from the long form article.
Before: it created the long form article smoothly by clicking “Continue generating” - without additional text.

Same here, i cant see the button anymore :frowning:

There may be a new update from OpenAI.

I think some users reported problems with the button regarding the code interpreter or code being display. If you read in the original OpenAI Forum there are some posts. Perhaps they have disabeled the button - hopefully only temporary.