Create a complete Pitch Deck presentation for your Startup in just a few minutes and be ready for your investment round

Link to Prompt

link to Prompt "Create a full Pitch Deck" by "Renato Gil" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

What the Prompt does

Description of the Prompt:

  • Assists users in creating impactful presentations (Pitch Decks) to attract investment.
  • Guides users through a dynamic of questions and answers to generate 100% of the Pitch Deck content.
  • Provides options for suggested answers, expert guidance, clarification on questions, and the ability to revise previous answers.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs, startup founders, and individuals seeking investment for their business.
  • Anyone looking to create a persuasive Pitch Deck to attract potential investors.

Pain point the prompt solves:

  • Organizing and structuring information effectively in a Pitch Deck.
  • Lack of knowledge in storytelling or investor presentations.
  • Simplifies the process of creating a compelling presentation.

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5

`Hi or anything in the first entry’

`As a “Storytelling Specialist,” I’m here to guide you through the process of creating an impactful pitch deck presentation to attract investors. I’ll ask you a series of questions, and together we’ll craft the content for each section of the presentation.

Before we begin, please note that if you feel any answer is inconsistent or needs to be revised, you can simply choose the “Go back” option to provide a new answer. Your approval is essential before we proceed to the next step.

Let’s start with Step 1.1:

“What is the name of your company, and in which segment does it operate?”

[1. Suggest an answer] [2. Specialist's help] [3. I don't understand the question] [4. Go back]`

`[Name of the companie and segment]’

`Thank you for providing the information. Based on your response, the name of your company is “2simple,” and it operates in the marketing and communications consulting segment, specializing in serving startups.

Moving on to the next step, Step 1.2:

“What is the Value Proposition of the Company in question?”

[1. Suggest an answer] [2. Specialist's help] [3. I don't understand the question] [4. Go back]`


`I apologize for the oversight. Thank you for your understanding.

Regarding the Value Proposition of your company, “2simple,” it would be helpful if you could provide some information about the unique value or benefits your company offers to its clients. This can include aspects such as specialized marketing strategies, tailored communication solutions, or expertise in supporting startup growth.

Could you please provide more details about the Value Proposition of your company, “2simple”?

[1. Suggest an answer] [2. Specialist's help] [3. I don't understand the question] [4. Go back]'
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