Create a Mathematical domino set for caretakers or family members for people with dementia

## Link to Prompt

## What the Prompt does

Creates a Mathematical domino set for caretakers or family members for people with dementia. It is pat of a set of 10psc. of 3D printed prototype games /a activities for people wit dementia. Tha main purpose of the activities are to provide more quality spent time with the person with dementia, better practice of motor and cognitive functions which provides comfort, love and its helps for the slower development of some types of dementia.

Who is it for?

  • For caretakers and family members of people with dementia or Alzheimer`s disease.

The pain point the prompt is designed to solve.

  • Technical / Mathematical: Easier way to make domino variations with mathematical equations (e.g multiplying, adding or subtracting.)

  • This provided us with a Math domino variations in less than 20 mins

  • The sets will be 3D design and printed and distributed through a webstore (still in development, but live for bootstrap purposes)

  • The domino set is already tested with people and provides opportunity for better time spent with your loved one, exercises of cognitive and motor skillsets. It is also funny and proves it provides better quality of life for those people.

## How I came up with it

We are 10 people in Society Alzheimer’s in Sofia, Bulgaria. We conduct different conferences and events like Run for Dementia (with over 2000 people) on the topics of Dementia. Last year we started to work on social entrepreneurship ideas and this was conducted from several work groups. My work is more busines development and technical.


Use this template and generate the follwing domino sets:
The same set for 1 starting with 1x1, finsih 1x10
Repeat the set for 2
The same set for 3, strating from 3x3 finishing with 3x10
Same set for 4, starting from 4x4 finishing with 4x10
Same set for 5, starting from 5x5. finish: 5x10
same set for 6
Same set for 7


In the Image

More insights

I think that we will further develop the Mathematical domino idea with more different equasions and sets. One of the prompts made a 3 part domino - what can be a great idea for a fun children`s game or a more complex variation of the activity. We are currently looking for recylcled PLA materials or wood variations to develop the game, as we want to be more green on the current ideas.

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Nope. it’s not against community guidelines.

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I misjudged community guidelines I guess. Better if I will read the AIPRM guidelines and rules again so, it won’t happen again.