DeepMind AI Breaking Records

DeepMind, recently rebranded as Google DeepMind after some reshuffling with Google Labs, has had some stunning breakthroughs with their AI AlphaDev (built atop of their prior game-changing and game-playing AlphaZero).

Among the record-breaking, the AI has found faster ways to perform complex calculations, to sort lists, and to do some of the critical steps of cryptography (used for security encoding and for code-breaking). The list-sorting one is quite incredible as its new method is up to 70% faster than the best previous method.

The AlphaZero and AlphaDev AIs are not LLMs of course, but rather a very different kind of AI that allows the AI to continuously learn. It is an AI built for reasoning and problem-solving, with the capability to both experiment and learn, all four of which things are NOT what LLMs do.

The thing is that AIs of this kind, the non-LLM ones, are great at building the algorithms that logic-based AIs use, and can thus also be used to build future LLM training systems that are more efficient.

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