Did your prompts and responses disappear today?

All of my prompts and responses disappeared just now? Anyone else have that problem? Any solutions? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, ChatGPT is currently experiencing an outage.

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Yes, all of mine, too! all disappeared

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I just been ask to pay again ? what is going on? I cannot seem to run GPTs at all?I have been asked to pay again. What’s going on? I can’t seem to run GPTs at all.

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currently using seem unstable, I remove and reinstall still the same.

Can you please send us screenshots or a screen recording of the errors you get for further clarification of the problem?

You may also send them via email at hello@aiprm.com. Feel free to add any relevant details about the issue so we can assist you further.

If you are still unable to see your chat history or if you’re having issues with ChatGPT, we recommend contacting the OpenAI Support Team directly.

Is ok now, by the way is OpenAI Sora already can use in AIPRM ? Under 3.5 ? or don’t avaliable for 3.5?

While AIPRM extends ChatGPT’s functionalities with added features, it is important to note that AIPRM and OpenAI are separate entities. ChatGPT is operated by OpenAI Inc. while AIPRM is operated by AIPRM, Corp.

The ChatGPT Model selector for GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 is available only to ChatGPT Plus customers offered by OpenAI.

We do, however, have a prompt template that you can use to generate prompts for Sora.

This is optimized for GPT-4 so you need to have access to it for the prompt to generate your desired output.