Difference between own and hidden prompts

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Where can I find information on the difference between own prompts and hidden prompts?

thnx for hleping in advance

Your own prompts are exactly what you’d expect - prompts of your own that you created.

The little on-site AI chatbot we have in the bottom-left of the screen here describes Hidden Prompts thusly:

Hidden Prompts are Prompt Templates that the user has chosen to hide from their main prompt list using the exclusive “Hide Prompt” feature. This feature is available from the AIPRM Plus plan and up, using one private list. To add a prompt to the “Hidden Prompts” list, the user can simply click on the small “x” icon that appears next to each prompt. To view the “Hidden Prompts” list, the user can click on the “Hidden Prompts” button, which is located near the top of the prompt list. The user can always undo this action later by going to the “Hidden Prompts” tab and removing the prompt from that list, making it reappear in the main prompt list.


Thank you @Ammon for your bot hint. I hadn’t even discovered it until now. From now on I’ll torment him with my questions and continue to work through the forum here.

Everything is very exciting here …

Thank you for your feedback signal.

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That little bot is exceptionally helpful with a lot of the FAQs people can have. For the more creative or nuanced stuff, us humans are still the best. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’ll be happy to come back to you. Best regards to (Austria?) and have a nice weekend. :blush:

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I’m not AIPRM staff, just a third-party moderator of the community, based in the UK. I shall however do my utmost to have a great weekend (I have a friend coming to town), and hope your own weekend is wonderful too.


Ammon, then a double thank you for your “support”. My weekend will be busy with AIPRM and ChatGPT prompts. I’m a straw widower right now and I’m using the time. WONDERFUL! :slight_smile:

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