Doc update needed



Oh thanks Georg, great point!

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My suggestion:

Regarding the use of “Live”, “Real-time”, “Crawl” or “Look-up”

Because ChatGPT was effectively ‘air-gapped’ by design, having no access of its own to the internet to look up any external sources to prevent pollution, the only access that it has are provided by optional plug-ins or extensions, or third-party add-ons that not all users might have access to.

It is therefore absolutely imperative and essential that whatever means might be used to add the ability for live crawling or live data be fully and accurately explained in the description so that users will know exactly what else they will need to make the prompt function.

If you do not include full details of how live crawling or live look-ups are added, or if you think some ‘Jailbreak’ prompt will give ChatGPT such functionality, the prompt will not be approved, and will be removed. There are no such ‘jailbreaks’, only people that don’t understand how guessing works when you have the entire memory and pattern-recognition power of an AI to call on. Learn more about what happens when you enter an URL into ChatGPT or any other pre-trained LLM.

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