Does anyone know Larry Page's real twitter account?

Because I’m not sure if this twitter account is real, you know, sometimes because of cultural differences, I’m not sure if it’s a joke, I don’t want to find out after reading this account’s tweets It is indeed a spoof account, I am an honest person, and I don’t want to be teased like this. :smiling_face_with_tear:


It very clearly states that it is a parody account and fake.

There is a genuine possibility that Larry Page is one of the majority of folks who don’t have a Twitter account. Most people don’t.

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I thought Larry Page was a person with a strong sense of humor, thank you for your answer, otherwise I might seriously taste the remarks of a possible comedian, and then consume energy in my brain to think. :thinking:

By the way, what is the reputation of this person in your western world?I need more information about this person.

Larry Page has never courted the press and publicity in the way Bill Gates did, and certainly not like the egomaniac (by comparison) that is Elon Musk. Page and Sergei Brin met at Stanford University, and Brin was encouraged to partner with Page as they had some similar interests and could work together on a thesis. Page was working on a system that simplified the link graph to create a practical version of what the HITS algorithm had proved only in theory. They were both fans of the work of Kleinberg (Author of the HITS algorithm, the papers on ‘Hubs and Authorities’ that worked with the link graph, and IBMs CLEVER project that proved the HITS algorithm worked, but was too impractical).

Page has a genetically inherited condition that will shorten his lifespan considerably, and this is often cited as the reason that Alphabet has invested heavily in certain aspects of medicine, and in the idea of the Singularity.

Brin was always a little more interested in the semantic web, rather than the link graph, and it is believed that while PageRank is most definitely mostly the brainchild of Larry Page, that the Knowledge Graph is far more a product of Sergei Brin’s own passions.


I appreciate Larry Page’s “pan-speciesism”, which is just as wonderful as Star Trek and its derivative dramas. All species unite together to build a “cosmic family”; Musk’s “human supremacy” is a bit similar to the human empire in Warhammer 40K Of course, the human empire in Warhammer 40K has been “betrayed” by artificial intelligence. Now we have indeed come to a crossroads, and only a sense of mission is the guiding light to clear the fog.