Earning money with AIPRM/ AI Solution Design

GOAL we want to achieve:
Imagine AIPRM helps companies to share their challenges with ChatGPT experts that solve them alone, in a group, or in cooperation with the companie.

HOW we could do it:
AIPRM makes companies aware that they offer a structured service to help the company to frame a challenge so prompting experts can start working on it. Based on the challenge there is a price tag that is discussed before. So I as an AIPRM member can see all the challenges companies are offering and how much I can earn by solving them.

IMPACT for using AIPRM:
The community can make money, AIPRM can take a for example 10-15% share and AI Solution design spreads wide :slight_smile:

So you would like to setup a structured lead-gen service,
where service providers can have a profile, blog, etc. to pitch their services,
like a “yellow pages of AI”?

I don’t read/speak German. So, initially, I would recommend you use AIPRM to translate into English.

For now, this could force favoritism. Why not use ChatGPT to target a particular segment you specialize in, create some blogs, even Public Relations and social media and attract YOUR own target market?
This way you control the narrative and speak directly to them.

I think AIPRM needs to stay focused, on helping to make the large language model easier for the general public. The rest we can do ourselves.

If you need support with lead generation/marketing, check out the many prompts which already exist. At least this is my take. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly. I also have a specific idea of how companies can onboard AI experts by using AI in a close to automated way even based on the so far results of the community that tries to solve the challenge.
But yellow page is a good start,

This community is english only, I messaged Nicolaj about that yesterday and removed the German post above now. Please post in English only @Nicolaj_Grabert