Erotica in ChatGPT?

I am thinking of using chatgpt to write erotica, but whenever I tried doing it, it failed miserably and never worked, and I kept getting content flagged.

While I saw and read on multiple sites where they have created a lot of erotica.

P.S.: I want it for my personal pleasure only got bored with other websites, so wanted to write (using this very loosely) something of my own that is limited to my fantasies and again only for my personal use.

P.S.S: Do inform me if this is not allowed will be more than happy to remove it, not intending to create any trouble for anyone.

Welcome @Mukesh

I understand your wish.

This is a question that OpenAI and AIPRM has very clear statements in their terms of use when it comes to professional use for the Adult Industry.

Minors need to be protected, and so this is not surprising to me.

ChatGPT protects themselves and so do we.

This is a topic that will undergo some changes, reviews and discussions in the very near future, I am sure.

That’s entirely fair; this area can be abused and misused to the highest degree.

I wish they could ban extreme forms of erotica but at least promote realistic ones. But again AI is in very nascent stages, so it is better to keep it banned for now.

Nevertheless thank you for pointing out the guidelines of AIPRM.
Hoping the changes come soon but with regulations, no one wants to see the system to be broken down first and fixed later seen enough of that stuff.

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