Error when trying to add extension

i have been down for awhile but was able to use the prompts via prompt page and now i cannot do that either. When i attempt to download the aiprm extension i get an error message:
“There was a problem with the download. please contact the developer or try again later. Invalid manifest.”
I have cleared cache and cookies to no avail. can anyone assist?
Thank you in advance.

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. This might be caused by an outdated browser version.

Can you please check your Chrome version and Operating System version? Can you also try updating your Chrome browser or using the Microsoft Edge browser to see if it helps?

I’ve figured out the problem :sob:
Since I have a chrome book and it has had it’s last update, it is not working with the new AIPRM. :sob:
Is there any way to work around?
I already tried to go to the prompts and bypass but that doesn’t work.

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Can you send us some screenshots or screen recording to If you could include your AIPRM, Chrome and Operating system versions too, that’d be helpful!

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