Feature Requests: On/Off Switch / Remove background logo


@airpm-christophc : Great job! Please make sure you get enough sleep!

I mentioned it before, now as an elite user again my wish:

  • I would like to have an “On/Off” switch so I can turn the extension on and off on Chat GPT. (So not disable the whole extension in Chrome, but only turn on and off in Chat GPT window).

  • I am very bothered by the repeating logo in the background. However, it is already better now than at the very beginning. If it was once on the far right of the page it would be ok, but that you see it a hundred times is dumb (there is no right translation for “doof”). I would prefer to be able to remove it completely, pay for it too… :smiley:

Keep on running!


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I’m not saying this is the case, @Georg_Franz but certainly something to consider: What would be the implications for the browser maker if extensions had the power to turn themselves on and off? Could a bad extension that snuck in as malware turn itself on, even after you turned it off? Could it turn itself off if you went to a malware detection app or site to avoid being detected and removed?

Turning any extensions on and off, through the browser itself, keeping that control power only to the browser, can be an important security consideration. Extensions and plugins that offer you the ability to turn off for a particular page or site aren’t really turned off. They simply turn off their response mechanisms, but are still installed, still paying attention, and instantly are active again the second they detect, through being turned on, that you’ve gone to another page or site.

It only takes a couple of clicks to turn off any browser extension, or to turn one back on.

In the upper right corner of Chrome, just under the ‘X’ to close button, you see three vertically aligned dots, kind of like an elipsis turned on its side. Click that, hover over “More Tools”, and select “Extensions”. Next to each extension is the ability to turn it on or off without needing to uninstall. It is built into Chrome (and any other browser that supports extensions).

If you’d like the Extensions control tab to be even more accessible, open that Extensions page and drag it as a bookmark to your browser toolbar, and it is now a one-click operation on any page, at any time.


Well, I didn’t describe it good obviously.

I simple want to hide the extension Output with a switch right in the top corner.

I don’t want to deactivate the whole extension.

I just want to input normal prompts without the help of the extension. The current way is: use chrome and Firefox at the same time. But I don’t want to use Firefox anymore in the future, I want to stay in one browser.



I agree with this. The extension puts a lot of clutter on the interface especially if you are not using any of the prompts. I simple switch to revert to the standard ChatGPT interface would be great.

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