Find a prompt for academic papers

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a prompt that can write scientific texts very well. I am currently using the upgrade to “Plus” to be able to use the “Academic” writing style.
In order to get the best out of chatgpt, I am looking for a suitable prompt, which can be used as a support for a short scientific paper. I look forward to suggestions from you.

This is, with current AI, unlikely to work well for you. One of the main features of scientific papers is the citations, both internal to the data used, the methodology, etc, and external, citing the prior works that serve as a foundation to the science involved.

ChatGPT is expressly designed to generate text predictively in a way that no one source is ever plagiarised or recognizable. It doesn’t do genuine citations, by design, and any attempt to work around that limitation actually conflicts with its basic design and reliability.

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I’m really unsure what “scientific texts” should mean here.
Fancy language, or master thesis?

(Real) Academic work requires 100,000% correct citations and quotes.

So if this is really for a paper, then ChatGPT will cause problems.

The Tone “Academic” leads to “smart sounding” language, but does not fit academic criteria in citation because of that.

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Here you are a similar example.
You need to follow that YouTuber and learn, and you will achieve what you want.