Find the top 5 industries who would benefit from your service

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What the Prompt does

  • Tailors the output of the prompt to your company and your service. You do not want to get generic output for industry research.
  • If you’re starting out with market research or you’re aiming to develop industry pages, it’s good to understand the what’s and why’s of the industry + your service.
  • This prompt asks to arrange the industries according to importance and to explain in depth the arrangement.

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5

[Variable 1: TestDevLab] [Variable 2: web accessibility testing service] [Variable 3: has more than 10 years of experience in software testing, a team of 500+ ISTQB certified QA engineers, custom testing tools, and a client base with solutions that are used by billions of people all over the world.] [Variable 4: Los Angeles]


As a copywriter at Ogilvy with a deep understanding of target markets, I've analyzed the potential impact of TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service in various industries in Los Angeles. Based on the provided information about TestDevLab's experience, team, tools, and client base, here are the top 5 industries that would benefit the most from their services, arranged according to importance:

1. Technology and Software Development:
The technology and software development industry would greatly benefit from TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service. With their extensive experience in software testing and a team of 500+ ISTQB certified QA engineers, they can provide comprehensive assessments and solutions to ensure web applications and software are accessible to all users. Given their client base with solutions used by billions of people worldwide, TestDevLab can help technology companies in Los Angeles deliver inclusive and user-friendly experiences, complying with accessibility standards.

2. E-commerce and Online Retail:
In the fast-growing e-commerce and online retail sector, providing accessible websites and platforms is crucial to reach a broader customer base. TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service can help these businesses optimize their online presence, making their websites and applications accessible to individuals with disabilities. By ensuring compliance with accessibility guidelines, these companies can enhance user experiences, increase conversions, and avoid potential legal issues related to accessibility requirements.

3. Education and E-learning:
The education industry, including traditional educational institutions and e-learning platforms, can benefit significantly from TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service. With their custom testing tools and expertise, TestDevLab can assess and improve the accessibility of educational websites, learning management systems, online courses, and digital resources. This would enable students with disabilities to access educational content without barriers, promoting equal opportunities and inclusive learning environments.

4. Government and Public Sector:
The government and public sector in Los Angeles have a responsibility to ensure equitable access to information and services for all citizens, including those with disabilities. TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service can assist government agencies and public institutions in identifying and addressing accessibility gaps in their websites, portals, and digital services. By working with TestDevLab, the government sector can fulfill legal requirements, demonstrate inclusivity, and enhance civic engagement for all residents.

5. Healthcare and Medical Services:
The healthcare industry is another area where web accessibility testing is crucial. TestDevLab's expertise can be valuable to healthcare providers, clinics, hospitals, and medical service platforms in Los Angeles. Ensuring accessible websites and digital interfaces will enable individuals with disabilities to access important healthcare information, schedule appointments, access telemedicine services, and manage their healthcare needs online. TestDevLab's custom testing tools and experience can contribute to an inclusive healthcare ecosystem, improving patient experiences and outcomes.

It's important to note that while these industries have been identified as the top beneficiaries of TestDevLab's web accessibility testing service in Los Angeles, other sectors can also benefit from their expertise. Each industry may have specific accessibility challenges, but TestDevLab's experience, team, and tools position them well to cater to a wide range of businesses and organizations seeking to enhance web accessibility.

How I came up with it

I needed to quickly prioritize the industries we’re serving so I can create landing pages for them. After a bunch of tweaking I came up with this prompt because it’s what gave me the least generic information.


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@andromeda : This prompt is designed well, and it helps to yield incredible results. Thank you on behalf of the community at large.

Please complete the missing point
(which is: your variables mentioned in prompt are not integrated into the AIPRM Prompt Template):

That’s really great to know! Thank you so much!

Hmm. I find this confusing. This is what the prompt template looks like when I edit it:

"You’re a copywriter working for Ogilvy and you have a deep understanding of target markets. Answer the following question while being as detailed and descriptive as possible. Write in [TARGETLANGUAGE].

Give me the top 5 industries that would benefit the most from a [Variable 2] service from [Variable 1], a [Variable 3] in [Variable 4] and arrange them according to importance.


How else am I supposed to integrate the variables? Thank you!

Did you even test the variables in your prompt, to see if they are working or not?


Fixed it! Thanks for your help!!!

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Needless to say, we will disqualify any broken Prompt Templates.