GPT-4 Content is passing AI Detection in the 90%+ everytime for me

Playing with the new GPT-4 and taking some content I have previously created that has failed AI detection and recreated it with an updated prompt, and it is passing AI detectors every single time. The score is in the 90s.

Anyone else having any luck or noticeable changes with GPT-4 over GPT-3?

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Passing the current AI detectors isn’t that difficult, unless you are a human. In all of the current systems I even heard of, never mind tried, the majority will regularly identify 100% human-written original content as being at least 70-80% AI if it is well written (i.e. meets the patterns of good grammar and writing, the same patterns that AI is built to emulate). They are all a joke, a novelty item, none of them reliable enough or even close to be used in business.

In fact the only people I know actually using AI detectors are people who hire cheap writers and are looking for an excuse not to pay.

The search engines are not using AI detection. That’s because a lot of the most valuable content on the entire Internet is partially or wholly AI generated. Take Google for example, which has many different AI systems in its utility, and the results are obviously entirely based on algorithms and automation. Yet it is one of the most valuable sites to humans on the entire internet.

Search engines don’t care how the content is generated so much as they care about trying to work out how much unique value it has to human users. That’s as true whether the issue is poorly human-written content or poorly created algorithmic/AI content. The creation method is completely irrelevant.

My best and most honest advice to you is not to waste time or effort on AI detectors, but instead, focus on whether the content (however it is created) has unique value, will earn links, will get conversions, etc.


Did you use this ?
AI Text Classifier

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I had not heard of this tool until now.
I took 3 pieces of content that were written with 3.5 and the same 3 that were written with 4 and all of them said " The classifier considers the text to be very unlikely AI-generated."

I have tried 6 different tools to detect AI content and the only constant is the GPT 4 versions all pass. The GPT 3.5 versions are all over the place. They fail on some tools, pass on others, pass and fail at different degrees from tool to tool.

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The only reason I started checking with the AI detectors was because I was denied from Adsense for low value content.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

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Most of the AI detection tools available are run by 1 or 2 man operations with a limited budget. Google doesn’t have these bottlenecks.