GPT 4 - no choice anymore (not even 3.5)

Since yesterday I cannot choose between the three GPT versions anymore. Did GPT cancel the options or do I have this problem only?


Solved - Thanks

I have the same problem - how did you solve it?

Please note that the ability to choose between the three ChatGPT models is available only for ChatGPT Plus customers. If you are not currently subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, this might be the reason why you are unable to access the model selection dropdown.


thanks for your fast answer!

Yes, this is the reason why my subscription is not renewed, I am downgraded to “free”. My credit card is declined - but my bank does not know the reason. The bank told me that there was no request from open ai. I am trying to contact open ai support.



I just checked and I’m still on Chat GPT Plus but could not access the options for the GPT models. I already tried to remove and install back the AIPRM extension for chrome. What else can I do?

Well, I have tried 3 different payment methods (different banks) today - none worked. open ai support hasnt answered yet. I guess they have a problem with stripe.

@Patricia_Gayle_Decen Have you tried a other browser like Firefox / Safari / IE (on mobile e.g.) - Is there the choice between the models?

This is garbage. I’m elite and I don’t have access to GPT 4?

You bought AIPRM Elite, congratulations!

It appears you expect OpenAI ChatGPT Plus to be included, but why?

Just go buy ChatGPT Plus for $20/month and get GPT-4, as advertised.

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