GPT Image v1.1 - AI Image engine

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What is the GPT Image Prompt?

  • An interactive AI image generator inside ChatGPT
  • Create images of any dimensions
  • Iterate on your prompt, style, sizes with natural language

Example Prompt Output GPT4

Beautiful autumn day hiking in the rocky mountains


Beautiful Autumn Day Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Image generated using style: Impressionistic, Earthy Tones, Dynamic

Wait for the green light, then…

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:fallen_leaf: What do you think of the image? Would you like to try a different style, change the subject, or adjust the size of the image?

GPT Image v1.1 :ballot_box_with_check: by Mark Fulton

More Details

Developed as part of ongoing prompt engineering research into building AI engine-like applications using natural language and using AI images in automation for things like blog posts. Images are powered by PollinationsAI.