Have problem with a PROMPT from AIRPRM Premium

Hello , what am I doing wrong with this AIPRM Premium prompt and that is Write a Full 300 Pages Book.
I entered the book title " The JavaScript Workshop" and chatGPT suddenly writes something else. And also this eBook has ridiculous 12 pages. I am sending it here attached. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but 300 pages it’s not , and it’s nu 8 pages.
Can someone please explain me how to use this PROMPT correctly to create 300 pages ? That would be very nice of you ! Thanks a lot ! All the best ! Greetings Michael

This is not “AIPRM Premium” prompt, it’s a user prompt, and many user prompts are scams.

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Hi RealityMoez, thanks for the info. I have now figured out how to write a full book of about 700 pages. Must say Davinci is really good. All the best to you ! Greetings Michael