Having problems with chatGPT and AIPRM

First of all about the chapters :
AIPRM : Write a Complete Book in One Click
Again and again the AI writes for example chapters 1 to 3 and then all of a sudden it writes chapter 20 although chapter 4 would come. ? How can I solve this problem ?
Then another problem : At chapter 1 the AI writes for example 1000 words and then
the AI writes only less than 100 words in chapter 2 and with each chapter the text gets shorter and shorter !
I want the AI to write 500 words and the AI writes only 65 words !
How can I solve this problem ?
Can someone give me very good PROMPTS ? There are not really good ones on the internet.
That would be very nice from you ! I need PROMPTs for a product description ( e-commerce store ) with 300 words , then with which you can create a very good children’s book , and very good crime and thriller . ! That would be really great.
Question : How many pages Word should have a children’s book ? For older children from 8
How can I get the AI to write a 24 page children’s book ?
Sorry for these questions, but maybe others have this problem and I can help these people ! I would be very grateful for your help ! Thank you ! Greetings Michi