Hi there. I have a question

Hi there. I have a question.
I’m using the free AIPRM template.
Is it possible that the template I use will disappear someday?
Like the developers will delete it or OPEN AI will delete it.

And I’m using the free version of AIPRM, and I know that the template in the free version are created by publics.
Are the tamplate in ‘AIPRM Verified’ created by the public too?
Or are they created by AIPRM developers?
And if I pay to AIPRM, is there a lot of quality content in verified things?
I am interested in the math field.

Yes. Almost anything is possible, and even gigantic mega-corporations can suffer a change of fortune, get into financial difficulties, be left behind by the changing times, etc. The old saying in the West is that only absolute certainties are Death and Taxes.

Furthermore, AI is a huge change, with nobody at all, not even the scientists pushing knowledge forward, knowing exactly where it will lead, or what will happen, how far (or how fast) it will go, and so on. The only certainty is that there are going to be many changes, big changes, for the world as a whole, and for everyone. It is extremely likely, as in almost certain, that there will be huge shifts in economies, and that we are at the start of a new age that will be just as disruptive as the coming of the Industrial Age was to the previously agricultural-based economies.


True, Thanks for your kind answer. Let’s find out what will happen.

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Created by Public and AIPRM, both … But they are as the name says “Verified”,
It is guaranteed that they will work properly as intended.

Thank you sir, Does a verified platform mean fewer errors? or Does it mean no errors at all?

Errors are not related to prompts, they’re related to ChatGPT itself.

I can’t agree with that. Every single public prompt should have been widely and properly tested by the author to work without creating errors. Verified Prompts are then further tested and verified by staff at AIPRM to work, error free and reliably.


Thanks, that’s what I was asking.

Does VERIFIED mean that they’ve tested it enough to make it work inside ChatGPT like no error at all
?, or that they’ve VERIFIED it it just work fine, and if it’s the latter, isn’t there not much difference with the free version?

Anyway, can we at least see a list of verified templates? It’s a waste to pay without knowing what’s out there.

No. ALL prompts are available to everyone for free. Knowing which of those prompts have been verified by staff is what comes with the premium plans of Pro and above.


Aha, Thank you, you are very helpful !! have a good day.

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Yes, ofcourse.

I meant by Errors, the errors in the OpenAI System that pops up due to limit exceeded, ChatGPT state is down, etc…
not Human Errors (or Prompt Errors).

On me, that I didn’t clarify.


Oh really? Then It’s more than worth the money. Thank you !

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