How can I cancel AIPRM monthly

I desperately need help. I thought this was canceled back in March of 2023, but that’s not what my bank says. I have been charged 9.00 every month for more than 11 months. I just lost my job and went through all my reoccuring subscriptions and that’s how I found out. Even when I signed up I have never even used it. Right now I can’t take on any extra pymts for subscriptions. Could someone Please tell me how to cancel this once and for all. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide to me. i

To properly cancel your AIPRM plan, you need to manage your subscriptions through our dedicated Billing Portal.

Once you have canceled your subscription, feel free to send us an email at from the email address that is linked to your account so we can verify.

Thank you very much. I wish that I found this when I first thought I canceled. I never even learned how to use it. I will most likely come back when I get going on Making Money Online. That’s if I can learn from the right person who doesn’t charge you as much as your mortgage cost, LOL.