How can I find 'Human Written 100% Unique /SEO Optimized Article'

Hi, I subscribed to AIPRM PLUS today. I will be using it mainly for SEO as TOPIC and WRITING as ACTIVITY. But I don’t see ‘Human Written 100% Unique /SEO Optimized Article’, how can I find and use it?

You can check the following links:

We have also responded to the ticket you sent at [] with the same concern.

Click “Public” instead of “AIPRM”.
I am new to the Forum today and was ready to post the exact same question to find this Prompt lol.
I tried clicking reset filters and changed all my Filters to All, Not specific and still couldn’t find it, I have a Premium membership (Elite) too, not sure it matters. I was lucky to have tried clicking Public.

But this works! So to be more specific, Go to the AIRPRM home page (I click my AIPRM Chrome extension). Then just under " AIPRM Premium - ChatGPT Prompts" you see Favorites, AIRPRM, Public, Own, etc. Click “Public”. Then in the Search bar located to the right of ‘Model’, type in “100%” and it comes up! Don’t forget to Favorite it before you open it by clicking the star so you can find it later. This is a fantastic Prompt and looks like a great Community. Good luck