How can I write a 2000-word article

How can I write a 2000-word article with a proper heading in one prompt? I try, But it stops. Experts Kindly, I need Your Guidance.

Whenever you struggle to get an AI to complete a task the way you want it to, there’s a very, very high chance that you are asking it to do too many different tasks at once. You need to then break it down into the separate logical steps, because AI isn’t good at doing that for itself.

In this case, you are asking it to understand what an articles is, then to write one, probably from far too little context, then to check it meets a certain length, and then to adjust the article to make it longer or shorter… See how many different logical steps there are, and how they have to be just in the right order? Cool - your ability to see that is something that LLM-based AIs are really bad at.

Here’s an AI explaining the inherent weaknesses of LLM-based AI systems.

Note in particular the lack of common sense, the lack of understanding of causation (which is why they actually suck at analytical skills, and you need a different type of AI for that), and the lack of planning and reasoning.

Get the AI to write an article. Review it yourself, and then ask the AI to expand it as needed, asking specifically for particular points you want it to add, or expand upon, or exclude. Review that output. Is it now long enough for your needs and of excellent quality? If not, repeat the step of giving the AI further instruction to expand upon the article. Feel free to ask it follow-up questions about points covered. Most of all, review it really, really, *really carefully, because the AI can make things up that are not just wrong, but so incredibly and obviously wrong to anyone that knows the topic that one instantly understands why ‘lack of common sense’ is the first listed inherent (unavoidable) weakness of LLMs.