How do I cancel my Premium subscription? EDIT: Fixed

EDIT: It turns out that somehow I logged in with the wrong email. After logging in with the email I used to register, the problem was resolved.

I’m gonna keep the subscription for now. I just like to familiarize myself with the process of canceling right away so I don’t get charged automatically at the end of the term.

“I paid for AIRMP Plus, but my profile says I run on the free plan. I wanna cancel my subscription. “Simply click on “Manage” for the subscription you’d like to cancel” doesn’t work. There is no manage button anywhere. The billing page says that I have no active subscriptions. But when I go to my Bank profile, I can see that I have been charged. If this doesn’t resolve soon, I’m gonna request the chargeback .”

If you do not see any active subscription on the Billing Portal, it is possible that you are signed in to AIPRM using a different email address than the one you used when you purchased a premium plan.

Please pay close attention to the email address displayed next to your name on to confirm that it’s the correct AIPRM account.

We recommend that you send us an email at using your registered email address so we can check on our end and guide you further.