How do I export chat?

I am trying to export chat from chatgpt using the export chat button, but I am not able to do so. Is there a new method to do so?

I also see this error in the console

are there any solutions?

I use google chrome, MacBook and I turned off Adblockers

The export function broke last weekend with a “silent” update by ChatGPT.

We currently have a new version in testing that fixes this, please stay tuned.

Ok, thanks for the info

We now submitted a fix in AIPRM for ChatGPT v1.1.5.22 to Google for review.
We expect 24-72 hours turnaround until the new version is available to users.

AIPRM for ChatGPT version has been approved by Google, which includes a fix for the defect preventing the “Export Chat” button from working properly.

To update to the new version faster, we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the extension. You can do so by visiting this link:

Thanks for the update. :+1: