How do i instruct chatgpt to understand my website content?

I’m working for Medvarsity, We sell courses for medical proffessionals.
My query is how I can instruct Chatgpt to recommend Medvarsity content to people searching for medical course information.

You don’t.

The first reason is very simple: ChatGPT isn’t a search engine. It doesn’t ‘look up’ pages or search for quotes and snippets to answer queries. It generates them from its huge database of knowledge, based on an unimaginably broad reading of millions of documents in its corpus of training material. In other words, it doesn’t recommend content, it summarizes all it learned from reading and learning in its own words.

The second reason is that the main corpus of training material, all those millions of documents, has nothing more recent than about midway through 2021, when the final selections were made, vetted, cleaned up, into training material, and then the huge neural network AI trained itself from that.

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