How do I know about these not understand things

Sir,if we don’t subscribe the AIPRM pro plan then we cannot get the prize.Morever how can we know that which prompt is the top voted and how can we know that which prompt is the verified AIPRM prompt

So you are asking how to get all the extra value and features that people pay for, without paying for it?

Well, the obvious answer is either you pay for those extras and have them, or you don’t and you don’t.

You still get access to all of the prompts, you simply don’t get to know which ones have been tested and verified already saving you having to test them and find out for yourself.

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OK,but how and where I found out that which one is tested and verified

By paying for the Pro or higher subscription that pays for the staff time and effort in hand-verifying prompts for accuracy, stability, functionality, etc.

Okay,is there no issue to get prize if we don’t subscribe aiprm pro plan.

The rules for the contest are all explained in Contest: Win $5000 for your best ChatGPT Prompt! 🏆

It is necessary for entrants to be a member of this community forum (obviously since they have to announce here that they are taking part) but there is no requirement to be subscribed to a premium plan. Free users can enter the competition.