How do we set ChatGPT to generate content with UK spelling?

Is it possible to force UK spelling in CHat GPT? We are using UK English, but it returns US spelling.

The same way as every other requirement or instruction, include it clearly in the prompt. There may be times when it struggles because other instructions in the prompt are complex, in which case, get the output, and in a separate prompt, ask it to convert all text from US spelling to UK spellings and paste the text.

you may need a spell from a magician :thinking:

What I mean is to make chatGPT enter the role through natural language, of course, you can do it more thoroughly, use Python to make the steering wheel firmly in your hands :sunglasses:

OK so ignore the AIPRM settings and just specify your own on top.

I would not ignore it, but set AIPRM to English (UK) also.

We don’t know what model you use, butt the GPT3.5 is not very precise,
and GPT4 may give much better results straight off

But as @Ammon mentioned, you can always ask for a rewrite,
e.g. with the Power Continue feature


I never touch the drop down options, easier to train something with one ‘persona’. No matter which prompt i use (then keep that conversation going forever) I always start with 'Use english GB ’ Tried asking it to type with a Brummie accent but it didnt understand :wink:

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