How do you know what to type for the prompt you pick?

When selecting a new prompt to use by its description, how do you determine what to input in chatGPT to get the prompt to work the way it was designed to?

I don’t want my commands I type to confuse the prompt per what it was written to do. It would be amazing to see a “type the topic, then product link, and length of message”

I don’t have the most premium sub I’m using the lowest cost subscription.

Thanks for your help

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I think it’s a good practice to make the author link for our prompt, a guide on how to use the prompt by examples given by the author.

OR, Maybe in the future a feature could be implemented that would suggest in the prompt template creation a link or area on the prompt to put examples/guide or best use cases for that prompt, other than the author link which is dedicated to credit the author.

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